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Translation Quality Control

At ICP, six in-house coordinators take charge of customer-oriented, flexible project control in teams. We have set up a quality control office to use different logics in translation processes from translation to quality assurance (QA) and to review translation from many angles. As a result, we accomplish more adequate procedures and high-quality translation.

Translation Process & Quality Control
Order acceptance
mark Transmitting source data, a glossary, and a translation memory and scheduling the procedure in detail
mark Grasping the accurate understanding of translation requirements by translation project guides in close cooperation with clients

Coordination and preparation for translation
mark Maintenance of translation teams and flexible project control by coordinators
mark Adding and editing glossary entries by quality control chief in accordance with QA standards
mark Data Analysis using a translation memory (including an automatic word count)

mark Client-oriented translation services based on translation guides and glossaries provided by our clients
mark Accumulation and exchange of information concerning translation data using groupware

mark Making a check of term usage and writing styles in each translated document and checking translation accuracy by comparing the translated text to its original counterpart

mark Corrections and consistency of term usage and writing styles on a project basis
mark Restructuring glossaries
mark Feedback to translators and proofreaders

mark Offering useful materials for the next revision process such as data, a glossary, a translation memory, a QA sheet created by quality control staff, and process for choosing terms