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Fee schedule

We have excellent in-house translators, proofreaders, and quality control staff to enhance our internal workflow and provide high-quality translation services at reasonable rates.
Please feel free to make an inquiry. We will give you an estimate for any work with any format from a translation aid tool to multimedia.

markTranslation from English to Japanese

(Currency: yen)
English → Japanese Unit Price
1 word /English
(without proof reading)
¥12 ∼
1 word /English
(with proof reading)
¥15 ∼
 * The minimum charge for the translation from less than 250 English words is \3,000 without proof reading (tax excluded) or \3,750 with proof reading (tax excluded).
 * Capable of localization through translation support tools, including Trados, OTM, and others).

markTranslation from Japanese to English

(Currency: yen)
Japanese →  English Unit Price
1 character/Japanese

¥12 ∼
 * The minimum charge for the translation from less than 400 Japanese characters is \4,800 (tax excluded) across the board.
 * People working for us are the Japanese who can understand and translate an native English, because we consider it very important to grasp the Japanese contents.

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